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No. I can think for myself. I think Haley was fine as a coach. RAC... I'm not sure. Should we keep him? Probably not.

If you want to search some, you will find posts from me being in the Stanford/Oregon college coaches as our HC for next year camp. I'm still there.

Just think Pioli has ****ed two coaches over here. Both may have not been that bad of coaches. So sue me. :shurg:
RAC should "probably" be fired?

The turnovers, the mistakes, the lack of energy, the stupid game management, the cluelessness to know how many carries your RB has, the embarrassing waffling on the QB decision, running Jamaal Charles for 30 carries in garbage time, the lack of confidence in press conference to wonder why players kept making stupid mistakes, the regression of DJ and Berry, the lack of locker room leadership from a team full of college captains, the hint that guys like Charles and Bowe and Flowers run their mouth about how much they hate it in KC, not to mention these are mistakes he was making in Cleveland where Pioli wasn't his boss.

I don't think Haley should have been fired. But don't know how anyone can possibly think Romeo is a good head coach regardless of who's GM.
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