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Originally Posted by pr_capone View Post
Clark heard us... there is no question about it. He knows we are not happy. He knows we aren't just a vocal minority. Continuing to trumpet the same message all season long next year will accomplish nothing.

At the end of the season... it really comes down to the people who supported SOC and their mission. Will YOU keep investing your time and money in the Kansas City Chiefs. Will people act on their displeasure and not renew season tickets? Will they pay for parking?

Nothing else we do, in terms of "acting out /Winston", will re-enforce our message any more.
If you have no intention of continuing the SOC cause after the season... even if Fat Scott/Romeo are retained then you should spend all the $$$ you have collected during these last few weeks on continuing to promote their firings. You should also stop collecting any new money.

People aren't giving you money to give to charity. If people want to give to charity they have endless direct ways to do so... Red Cross, Feed the Children, etc.

The fact you have decided to go out on such a whimper is frankly disappointing.
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