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Originally Posted by pr_capone
I want to address this so there is no question. If Pioli is fired, we will immediately cancel the two banners, we will take all remaining funds in the paypal account and donate those funds to the Boys & Girls Club in KC, and I personally guarantee that I will renew my season tickets. If he isn't fired following the season, SOC will cease to operate, all funds will be donated to charity, and I will put by STH jersey on a hanger until he is. Now there is no maybe about it.

Pioli must go. There can be no other end to this. He may be a fantastic GM in the sense that he makes you a lot money but that is only one part of his job. His first choice was to marry this team to a never was QB. Never has the term "ball and chain" been a more fitting analogy to the effect Cassel has had on this team. I could rattle on for paragraph upon paragraph on his failings but they have been expounded upon amateurs like us with the Pioli Facts and by professionals on, S&, and

You were at the stadium 10/7 and you heard Cassel boo'd mercilessly every time he took the field. That wasn't organized. Those were individuals spontaneously expressing their anger and they all agreed. We aren't a small minority and we are very unhappy.
You should ensure that there is a zero balance of $$$ by the end of the season so all funds that have been donated will have been used the for the ORIGINAL, stated mission of the SOC movement.

If you don't have any intentions of continuing SOC after the season, then why don't you ensure all the money collected for the cause has been spent by then... on the mission the cause was founded on?
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