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I don't hate this trade as much as some. Yes Frenchy sucks, but this team does not lack for offensive firepower assuming all the other pre-Myers guys (Moose, Gordon, Hos) play like it. Our biggest weakness was SP. There were only three ways to get that.

1. Hope our young arms develop into studs (which we do every year, although Greinke was the last one to have actually done that).

2. Sign a FA Ace. We know the Royals will not go that route as evidenced by what the going rate is for one of them.

3. Trade for one. This involves prospects, which we had to do.

The reality is that in order for us to get a front of the rotation starter in a trade it would inevitably involve Myers. I hope it works out. I do know that quality starting pitching trumps a RF especially on a team with a glut of young offensive talent, but no pitching. SF has not won two of the last three WS because they are offensive juggernauts. They did it because of solid starting pitching. We desperately need that and to go another year hoping our pitching prospects develop into stars is not going to do it. SPs are the QBs of baseball. We are watching what crappy QB play is doing to the young talent on the Chiefs. I would hate to see the same thing happen with the Royals, especially since we will only keep Hos and Moose for a short time most likely. Let's maximize our time with them by trying to win now.
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