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Originally Posted by DJ's left nut View Post
What say you, Royals fans? I posted this in the Cardinals thread and it honestly seems like a decent idea:

With Myers gone, you'll need someone that you can fall back on in RF if Frenchy is a disaster. For everything Skip Schumaker is not, he is a consistent LH hitter that will give you nice ABs against RH hitters and play his ass off night in, night out. He's a good RFer and a below average 2b that will do in a pinch (though his arm and ability to range into the OF and medium range fly balls is often very useful).

He's inexpensive and fits your roster well. With the Royals now needing to deal with RF, he seems a great trade target for you.
i wouldn't mind schumaker but someone i would really like to take a flier on if u can get them cheap is grady sizemore... not sure if he has anything left but would like to try
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