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Originally Posted by stevieray View Post
I knew we were screwed when they started pushing the past hardcore...with snippets from Len and Willie about how great the city and fans were.. They've pimped the glory years for four decades and it just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. Nostalgia can only take you so far.

I was sitting with OTWP and Phil at the Panther game...were talking about how they finally pulled their head out of their ass and put the ring of honor back up....I mentioned to OTWP when you look at the names...there's hardly ANYONE from the nineties on and very few from the eighties..and even then it's DT, NS and that's about it....THINK ABOUT THAT..IT IS 2012.

Arrowhead used to be the loudest stadium in the they put up bs "get loud" on the digital adverstisement ring...They have completlely killed the atmosphere at tailgates...there is just no excitement , nor energy...they've successfully dumbed down the fans by overmonitering them, treating them like children, and made walking into the stadium like entering a correctional facility.

The rent out of town security guards are waaaaay too happy to get in your business over anything...the patronizing snitch on your fellow fans from the we're trying to promote a family atmosphere, buy our swimsuit calendars Cheerleaders is annoying as hell....They are in disarray with longtime Chief photographer Hank Young, who BTW, takes pics for the donks now...meaning that other than the Hall of PAST honor, you won't ever see the great pics of Chiefs players...ever seen the "other" player wearing 63 on the upper deck?

they've milked a cowtown for years, a midwest mentality of loyalty that has been trampled by BIG money owners who don't live here, an GM who treats the city media and it's fans like they aren't on the VIP list.

There is a reason they've only gotten close one time since SBIV. The game has passed them by, they don't field a complete team, they play not to lose and ultimately, have taken advantage of a once rabid fanbase and have turned it into an apathetic, lathargic boriing club where most come just to be seen. Been out there latlely? The employees of the team are snotty, arrogant and walk around like they're hot shit.....divison rival games?? pffft..even they don't carry weight... the fade own us. the donks own us.

They don't want to win NOW. how could they? carousel of coaches and coordiantors, crappy scouts drafting for projects instead of impact players, overpaying marginal players while letting others with value walk..lopsided rosters.etc ad anausem.


I think they are enamored with being an NFL franchise with a pretty past, than being a Championship franchise with a promising future.

They have no identity, there is no face to the franchise, they are a rudderless boat bumping into the shore periodacally, asking for directions, only to be lost a short time later...

it's past pathetic. it's past's gut wrenchingly awful and flat out embarassing....

And after this long, there's no damn excuse.

/off soapbox.
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