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It didn't matter if Fitgerald, Megatron, and A. Johnson were the WRs with Hernandez at TE...Cassel has a Pop Warner arm and couldn't hit any of them in stride. May as well put the scrubs in, ****.

I can see it - the game is 7-0; get Bowe and Breaston a breather - call a play with run personnel flexed out wide, **** it. As stated and proven, Cassel couldn't make it go anyway.

How the **** can any of that be Haley's fault?? He got saddled with Bill Muir, who called the plays and formations (including personnel groupings) and sent them to Zorn.

Haley's hands were completely tied.
Haley did not get saddled with Muir. No way.

In the Haley v. Pioli fight, I will side with Haley 9 times out of 10.

But this one is just flat wrong. He WAS tanking the Jets game, it was obvious.
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