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Originally Posted by HolyHandgernade View Post
Well, this will probably kill expansion for the B12, and that's not necessarily a bad thing:

Basically, you get more money per school if you are a smaller conference. 51.7 million works out to roughly 5.18 million per school at 10 teams. If we went to 12 it would be 3.7 per team. You can see how that figure goes down with each additional team. That's not including the Sugar payout too, which is roughly 4 million per team. These aren't exact figures, but you can see why expansion may NOT be in the best interest of the B12 unless those teams really add substantial value.

Not necessarily. The SEC has more teams to divide the payout, but they are in two BCS bowls which equals more $$. The Big 12 has less teams but will get less $$ because only K-State is in a BCS bowl.
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