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Originally Posted by RunKC View Post
-He locks onto his 1st read ALL THE TIME. Almost 90% of the time. That is a huge problem. That's not going to work at all in the NFL. Watch tape of him. It's as if he doesn't notice any other receiver but his first read a lot of the time. His eyes are on his 1st read. Think NFL CB's won't notice that?

-He sits in the pocket too long looking for the right play. This goes back to the first point. You can't sit in the pocket for 5 or 6 seconds consistently in the NFL. You'll get sacked.
Wouldn't these first two points kind of contradict each other?

And this may be JMO, but playing QB would be somewhat like playing poker. If you do the same thing everytime, the DB's would figure you out. Sometimes you need to throw to the guy you are locked in on 1st, and sometimes not. Maybe you are bluffing, maybe you are not. Trick is, the good ones in both fields know when to do what.
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