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This doesn't look all that Earth shattering. A link was found between a genetic trait and homosexual behavior. As the article says the research needs to be duplicated. If their results are reproduced than it merits further study.
That was written back in 1995. Since then it was determined to be a flawed study...but I don't recall all the reasons.When Hammer's findings first came out in 93/94 is was much ballyhooed as fact in the media.

This still says, even back then...
Despite Hamer's cautions, his use of the term “gay gene” is somewhat misleading.

In a similar vein, the least well thought out and presented part of this book is the section on psychological theories. Given that Hamer is not trained in psychology or psychiatry, it is understandable that this area is less well covered. However, even its subtitle, “Sissies, Freud, and Sex Acts,” suggests a hasty dismissal of the importance of psychological theories.
Although the writer, to her credit does say Hammer did not dismiss the probable role of environmental factors, either in this sample or in other forms of homosexuality.
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