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Originally Posted by Mr. Kotter View Post
Keeping them solvent? Hardly.

No, it's really about the uber wealthy and investors continuing to increase their share of wealth.....amidst an economic climate in which 95% of society has seen miniscule increases to stagnant to declining earnings in the last 10-15 yrs (in puchasing power--real income, adjusted for inflation,) while those who have fared much better insist on even more.

HSA's would work for many middle and upper-class folks, but not so well for the working poor and lower-middle class folks. However, I agree they could have been--still may yet be, part of an evolving solution.

I agree both parties sleeping with politicians drove the current configuration, but time will change the precise parameters of Obamacare. I understand why some feel others "don't earn their amenities." On the other hand, the industry did this to itself when it created a system in which hardworking middle-class people are forced into bankruptcy by a health crisis. Americans, rightly, have said--enough.

While Obamacare is far from perfect, the industry really gave us no reasonable alternative. Many of us consider it a reasonalble starting point to fixing a broke system--one that's been badly broken for more than 20 years.
Wow, someone is really susceptible to propaganda. Ha. So uber-wealthy are influencing the GOP to gut social programs so they can keep their money, keep being the man and hold everyone else down. Got it. This is hidden in the cloak of "reforming" entitlements so they are actually there and paid for - but really what they want is to play Mr. Burns.
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