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Originally Posted by Mr. Kotter View Post
Tax rates, adjusted for inflation, are lower today....than at any time since the 1950s. And yet all we hear about from the right is the whine for more tax cuts, and how a return to 1990s rates for income taxes and capital gains would ruin the country. What a crock of shit. The 90s were the longest peace-time expansion of the economy in U.S. history--with those rates that many of us would like to see re-implemented.

There also absolutely needs to be entitlement reform, along with real cuts to many programs--and the Dems need to grow-up on that count. However, this whole trainwreck will not be avoided without a serious discussion about enhancing government revenues as well.
As has been pointed out a million times, you can take the top 2%'s income tax back to Clinton's rates and fund the gov't for 8 days.

Once again - propagandized. Raising taxes is a fundamentally stupid idea during a never ending recession. Just class warfare - just trying to paint R as rich 2% and evil in order to earn votes. Has nothing at all to do with solving any problems.
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