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Originally Posted by mcan View Post
1. I don't believe that a fetus, before it has developed into one, is a human being. It doesn't look like one. It doesn't act like one, and there isn't any reason to believe it IS one. If it isn't one, then it isn't wrong to stop it from becoming one. Not any more wrong than when a condom stops a sperm from reaching the egg, or when traffic stops the man and woman from meeting in the first place.

2. I think that people who believe a human being starts at conception usually have no interest in evaluating their own opinion, because by and large, they think it's God's opinion. Therefore they have no argument to support them, and will not listen to anyone else's argument. The sad part is, God never says this in the bible. Religious leaders have been using this "controversy" to rile people of faith up and politicize the congregation. Give them something to fight for.

3. The unspoken part of this, is that a lot of people who are against abortion aren't even REALLY thinking of it as murder. Otherwise we'd see a whole LOT more abortion doctors being killed. If you really thought that every abortion clinic in America was doing something analogous to what this Lanza kid did, then I'd expect all out war by now. But that doesn't happen. The real reason religious people don't like abortion, as I see it, is because they think recreational sex outside of marriage is a sin, and they think that pregnancy is a way of God correcting that sin. That back in the old days, you got somebody knocked up, you did the right thing, asked God's forgiveness and married the girl. Well, that's just silly. We have the technology to stop a pregnancy before it becomes a baby. And there is nothing wrong with sex.
All of your points are assumptions on your part.

You don't have any interest in seeing any point of view other than your own. Now that you've stated your opinion I doubt there is any way to convince you that you are wrong, seems as if there is a stalemate between ideologies.
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