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Originally Posted by NewChief View Post
Yeah, geeze. I encounter it quite often as well. Parents who don't know what the hell to do either, and it's not because they didn't discipline the kid or raised him in a ****ed up manner... unfortunately some humans are just broken, and there may be no way to fix them. Also unfortunately, we don't really have a humane, ethical, and socially acceptable way to protect the sufferer of the illness, the family, or society from these people if things go horribly wrong.

I deal with kids every day that I worry could snap like this. I don't think any of them are GOING to, but they could. Some of them are emotionally disturbed, some have asperger's or autism, some seem depressed and some just seem like sociopaths.
The problem here is that we tend to lump everything together these days without analyzing or diagnosing correctly.

As a parent of a child with Asperger's every time I see an incident like this I prepare for the eventual lack of knowledge on the part of the media to separate the actions of a lunatic with the behavior of kids on the Autism Spectrum Disorder scale. It's the automtic assumption (just like has happened) that the kid is anti-social so he must have ASD and thus we must fear all kids who are like that.
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