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Originally Posted by J Diddy View Post
I'm not focusing on that aspect. I'm focusing on what is in front of us. I have a child who has been diagnosed with Oppositional defiance disorder. At times it is rough but I keep moving forward looking for ways to motivate him. The resources that are available are largely nonexistent and if they are they are heavily priced with a less than stellar record. So what are the options available as traditional counseling may or may not be effective (either way delivering a heavy price tag)? I could attempt to medicate, but then there is the problem. What motivation does a company have to create a cure. The money is in the maintenance. (I'm not naive, I know some things can not be cured, however, I do believe an earnest attempt should be made to find one)
I am sorry to hear about the situation. Medication for such a behavioral disorder such as this is not the answer. I am glad to hear you are hesitant about it. However, if other illness is present such as anxiety or learning disabilities, medication shouldn't be completely ruled out.

One of the main issues and concerns with ODD is that it develops into conduct disorder or even worse, anti social personality disorder as they move to early adulthood, so it is important to address it as early as possible. There is no one perfect method of treatment and children respond differently to different methods, however some of the best options are family therapy, social skills training, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT focuses on the behaviors and problem solving by allowing the child to explore their thought processes and speak freely. The short version is changing the behavior changes the cognitions. (This is actually a basic premise of reality therapy/choice theory which is a type of CBT).
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