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Originally Posted by Prison Bitch View Post
Honestly I signed up to read inside scoop about if/when Pioli would be ousted, after the local radio and newsprint reported this is where the SOC movement started. It's been a helluva time to start reading this board given all the drama that's unfolded since. I don't know why I'm still following this team as intently as I am but I guess I'm a sucker for the franchise. I went all 8 games in 2008 when we went 2-14 and I don't recall seeing a win in those 8 games but I can't remember.
I've been a Chiefs fan since the day my dad took me to the final game of the season and this happened.

I realized while watching the Oakland game on Sunday that there isn't one single, solitary thing I like about this team anymore. Not one player...not one coach...nothing that the organization does brings me an ounce of joy. Maybe this will change in the future but I'm not holding my breath. Sundays now are filled with watching real teams play in big games...Unfortunately Kansas City doesn't even seem like the NFL to me. It's some strange minor league where even when the Chiefs play a good team the play sucks for both squads.

It's truly sad.
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