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well dammit ultrapeanut DESERVES it
You're goddamn right I deserve adequate care and to not die in the street if I hit a bad stretch of luck. You're also right that my mom deserved chemotherapy and radiation instead of being turned away until I had to give her thousands of dollars to get treatment. EVERYONE deserves a baseline level of access to services in a country as prosperous as the one we're living in. Assuming you're interested in a functional society, and all, it's important to not have vast disparities in standards of living where millions of people literally die for lack of care on one end while a small percentage of others live in the lap of luxury while extending their lives thanks to early, extensive access to -- wait for it -- the best health care in the world!. It does exist, but neither of us will ever taste it.

I deserve it, you deserve it, the 40 year old lady across the street who works three jobs to earn a living wage deserves it. I'm not asking for the impossible here, just a sane tax code that vaguely resembles that which was in place during the most successful decades America has ever had. It's not impossible for any reason other than a completely broken political system that doesn't serve anyone but the elite.

But again, this discussion goes nowhere and it doesn't matter what I say. Thanks for not listening, at all. Thanks for your for your ever-so-practical attitude that totally helps everyone around you live a better life.
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