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Originally Posted by alnorth View Post
Regarding the NRA, I don't think you have a good, proper perspective on this. The NRA exists to serve their members. Their millions and millions of dues-paying members. If they support any form of gun control, their members will revolt and throw out the president. If the Brady Campaign starts arguing that maybe we have enough gun control, their leadership will get sacked. Same at PETA if they start saying a hamburger once a week might not be a bad idea.
Obviously the NRA doesn't understand what their members want, because recent polling suggests most NRA members ARE in favor of sensible gun regulations.

74% of NRA members favor requiring a criminal background check of anyone purchasing a gun (close the gun shows loophole). No mention of this during the NRA PR event today.

The complete polling data report is here:

The pro-gun people who will immediately try to attack the source of this polling data report saying that "Mayors AGainst Illegal Guns" is an anti-gun organization should take note of the fact that the polling data was collected by Frank Luntz's company.

Frank Luntz is not exactly a liberal's best friend.
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