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In the later part of the 1980s and early 90's top corporate executives said they were going to start pushing for the gang-type culture in mass media, music, hollywood, etc. Now the youth black culture looks at that kind of behavior as cool and it's completely ruining their entire youth.

But when whites point this out, they're called racists.

Was this in a line for a pair of WAAAAY overpriced Jordan sneakers? Sure they'll pay almost $200 for Jordan sneakers and then riot when they don't get their Obama phone or when they start getting hardly anything for their EBT cards and welfare checks start because they don't understand the way inflation works. But they'll vote democrat because that's who pays their bills.

Shit, just type in a google search "Jordan XI Bred" and the first search result that comes up is a Houston area news article talking about a shooting outside someone's home. The people just got back from buying these $200 Jordan shoes (which btw - after looking at this pic these are the same $90 Jordans I wore for bball when I was in 6th grade, they were a xmas present) and some gang members rolled up in front of this person's house and demanded the shoes and started opening up fire on this guy.

This country is really in so much ****ing trouble it's sickening.

But yup....we're all racists because we point this kind of shit out. Unbelievable really.......some girl at my work today got taken into HR for telling someone on the phone "Merry Xmas". This world is completely ****ed.


See...this is the kinda shit I'm talking about....Just logged onto my Facebook and first up on my news feed my friend who's a STL area cop commented on this picture. Look at this moron....hopefully dumbass accidentally pulls the god damn trigger and hopefully it's loaded. This guy thinks it's cool to post a picture of a handgun being pointed at you. The locks, rags, tats, crooked ball cap, long white Tshirt.......this is what their youth have become...they think this kind of shit is cool. Absolutely no dignity whatso****ingever. Little do they know (or they probably just don't give a ****) either way...all this lifestyle leads to is prison or death. At least if they go to prison they can wear their saggy pants all they want because that's what the culture is like inside.

The white suits and corporate exceutives all pushed for this kind of culture back in the late 80's and market it like it's cool and trendy and the black youth have really taken it to heart...and they're destroying themselves right before their very own eyes. It's sad.
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