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Originally Posted by BucEyedPea View Post
Actually, the real key to restoring this country is through Congress. Don't get too cocky....look what it lead to in the 2010 elections. Polls showed your guy pushed too far, and polls still show people think govt is doing too much. Polls also still show that people are sick of war and your guy is no different than Bush. Actually he is worse.So keep it up. Remember 60% of registered voters did not vote. Even many on the Christian right wouldn't vote at all because of Romney. The GOP just put up a bad candidate. But the GOP made gains in the states, some of who are preparing to nullify things the Feds do.
Republicans have no strong leaders. I've said that for years now.

If that ever changes then I could see the Dems having something to worry about. Unfortunately it seems most sensible, educated people coming into politics now are Democrats.

Your party has been hijacked by people who enjoy making caricatures of themselves. If there's any hope for the GOP it will simply move those people aside and make attempts to bring in some candidates with common sense about today's world. Many conservative friends of mine though appear to think it's too late.
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