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Originally Posted by Hugh Janus View Post
So you want undermine his rights under the First Amendment?

Typical gun pusher... Second Amendment more important than the First Amendment.
Do I have a problem with a globalist foreigner calling for American people to give up their rights?

Yes I do...he can go directly back to his own country....oh wait...they don't want him either because he's involved w/ illegal wiretapping.

Sorry if that seems crazy to people.

Rachel Maddow and others on mainstream liberal media say the same kind of shit...only difference is they're American citizens. Whether it's protected or not by our Constitution, the fact he's using a large media platform to reach out to millions of people calling for Americans to give up their rights while portraying his globalist agenda is a huge problem. If he loves gun control so much he should just go back to England where there is strict gun control...and high violent crime rates.
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