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For what it's worth, I began driving about 30 years ago. Started out OTR, did that for a year and then took a job with a local grocery company. Teamsters job. Great benefits and the pay was fairly decent. Usually made around $55,000 a year and some years made $60-65 a year.

I will caution you about OTR work, however. As a rookie, look to get screwed a great deal. You, for the most part, won't get enough miles to make a decent wage, OR, they'll work you like a dog for little or less money. He'll, look at it as a way to get the experience to work for a company like Yellow, UPS, or any number of local companies.

The other thing I would caution you about is if you are running OTR, look to be gone for several weeks at a time, so if you are prone to "homesickness", you might want to look elsewhere...

Good Luck to you!!
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