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Originally Posted by Bump View Post
the religious right wants you to believe that they are growing babies and chopping off pieces of them or something...

simply not the case. It's ridiculous that we could save lives or make people's lives better and NOPE! God doesn't want you to do that. Bullshit.

So hypothetically speaking if it were discovered that 'human fetus stem cells' could cure the world's health ills(of which in reality they have been shown an abysmal failure so far and only the non-fetus stem cells have shown great success) you would be willing to allow farms of impregnated women(creating lives) to occur only then to terminate/murder these impregnated lives for the sole purpose of using their 'fetus stem cells' to better or save someone else's life ?

You create life only to kill life in order to save life? See the insanity of that?

Quite frankly as a society we are already there to some degree. The moment life becomes devalued and expendable to the point of being tossed away like used tissue paper, because now that new life has now become a huge inconvenience and that responsibility of a new life must be quietly 'snuffed out' and superficially ignored with all the definitional games of societal denial of when life really begins. This only ultimately destroy's that society's own moral compass to the point where 'relativity' rules in all aspects of life thus leading that society to view humans as no more than mere animals that are either productive or unproductive to the state.

Planned Parenthood is somewhat of that farm of pregnant women our society draws from for this type of research now. Granted they don't fertilize women at PP but you get my point. Now with all this being said, I have no problem using 'fetus stem cells' for research as long as these 'fetus stem cells' are from situations where death has occurred naturally by nature(miscarriage-mid to late term) or accidental where the mother/baby die from an accident or just the baby dies from that accident. I have no problem with that whatsoever. BUT to use 'fetus stem cells' from a conscious women who terminates(murders) a life out of selfish inconvenience which is 99.5% of all abortions is wrong.

The whole rape/incest and some people shouldn't be parents argument is just absolutely weak. How many women that walk through PP's doors are pregnant from rape/incest ? I bet the 'real numbers' are miniscule. Say you knew you were adopted and were a pillar of the community and became a huge success in life and later on you found out you were a result of a rape and your raped mother decided to put you up for adoption. Aren't you glad your adopted mother didn't snuff you out in shame but rather she allowed your God given rights to life through adoption? Or the incest kids, why can't they be given up for adoption if the original mother can't live with this child. There ARE better alternatives than so-called justified murder.

Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking, sure Chiefshrink it is easy talk this way until your own daughter gets raped and impregnated. No, of course it would not be easy to see my daughter go through this horrific situation. BUT I can't tell you all the severe permanent emotional damage and carnage I see in my office from women who chose the "so-called quiet easy way out, they thought". If my daughter were of adult age she would make that choice herself and I would definitely consult her, but the decision is hers to make and would support her regardless. If she were a minor then we would raise the child in love because 1/2 that child is my daughter's, my wife's and my own flesh and blood and those are the values our family lives by. No, initially it would not be easy. BUT I do know that Jesus's love conquers ALL and when you love with the eyes and heart of Jesus and do the right thing, you are able to experience a joy and peace that passes all understanding and not to mention you are able to sleep at night peacefully.
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