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Let's try this again!

In my haste, I submitted the last thread before setting up a poll.

So, I want to know how many CP folks will be affected by tax increases on those earning over 250K. Your names will not be seen in the results, of course.

My question overall is this:

If you are a blue collar(or even in some cases white collar)Conservative, the chances are VERY good that you are NOT making this bank. Why in the merry blue **** would you oppose tax increases on those who have made a ****ing CAREER out of dodging taxes and sending jobs overseas?
If a businessperson sends the company to Bangladesh, why the **** should that asshole not have to pay in personal wealth loss back home, after the profit margin has been sorted out? I for one find it high time to absolutely decimate the practice of consolidation. Consolidation is when the corporation pays less taxes than the workers doing the work.
Kill this shit. Pay your share, or GTFO.
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