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Originally Posted by frazod View Post
You seem blindsided by this, so she's obviously very good at putting up a false front. Which means she's a skilled liar. If she's lying about this, what else is she lying about?

One word of advice, though. Confront her AFTER Christmas. Don't **** up the holiday for your family. Take the high road for another couple of days.
Originally Posted by CaliforniaChief View Post
I don't think you can just pretend you never read that and act like all's well.

Doing that will put everything else she says/does in question.

Do approach it cautiously, even with an apology for looking at her texts but just letting her know how hurt you feel. If you come off accusatory in any way, she'll get defensive and focus on you reading her texts. If you share how hurt you are in an "I feel" kind of way, you'll probably fare much better.

Just don't make any references to Jovan Belcher during the conversation.

Good shit guys. Appreciate the thoughts. I've decided I'm definitely going to confront her, but wait until after Christmas. I like the stuff about not being accusatory. My natural inclination would be to become totally accusatory and start bitching her out, but that wouldn't end well.
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