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I finally broke through and won the championship this year.

It's a league (PPR and 1yr Keeper) my friends and I started back in 2004, and this was the first year I had actually made the playoffs...squeaked in as the 4th seed needing another team to lose so I could back in. Reamed the #1 seed (150 - 93) who had been getting really lucky catching his opponents on down weeks. Then won the championship 124 - 68. The 150 was the highest score of any week in the league, average win is around 100-105.

The core of my team was Brees, Adrian Peterson, and A.J. Green. With 12 teams in the league, getting anything from waivers is impossible and we are for all intents and purposes a no trade league.

Since it's a friendly league, the money is negligible...180 bucks for first.
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