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You guys have a good shot. You have five or six pro bowl players. Derek Johnson is apparently better than Justin Houston, which is good to know because I thought otherwise. Apparently Eric Berry not tackling people had my eyes deceiving me.

Last year you held us to a field goal at home. And let's not forget that Manning won't be a problem, according to everyone on this board. He's probably going to go down to an injury in week four, cannot throw to his right, cannot throw more than ten yards and it will take him at least two years to get his offense in gear, at which time he will retire. Broncos are due an 8-8 season at best, according to Chief fans. Your team is just one QB away from being in the SB, and even if you win today, you will still be able to get Geno Smith, the next Tim Couch, and pretend he's going to be the first Air Raid Offense QB to even be marginal in the pro's.

You guys have it made.

See you Sunday.
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