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Yes, that's what happens when you have a good leader like Reagan who unites rather than divides.
There is absolutely nothing Obama can do about the Republican Party agreeing in the winter of 2008 that absolute opposition and treating Obama with a toxicity usually reserved for the Taliban was the way to go.

For the following four years, Obama offered a ton of Republican ideas and frequently offered deals slanted towards conservativism as his basis for policy. Every time, the GOP spurned him because they understand, I imagine, the generational potential of even a remotely successful Obama administration.

Reagan offered center-right policy, and the Dems hopped on more often than not because governing is more important than politicking. They learned the lesson of treating the President like scum and got beat like a drum in 1984.

What Obama can't fix, on top of all this, is that Republicans simply don't know what they want right now. If Republicans can't get behind any plan when they're at the goddamn steering wheel, there's absolutely nothing Obama can do about that.

The GOP can't point at Obama and scream "why are you allowing us to be so unreasonable!? why can't you keep us from being so crazy and extreme?"

That's our job, as voters. 2012 was a step in the right direction.
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