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For references concerning the percieved differences between political influence and the limited U.S. wars of DS/DS vs. OIF see:
His oral history from DS/DS or his own book of course. See also frontline's episode called Swarzkopf's Dilemma. Howard and Trainer's book; The General's War compared to their book on OIF;Cobra II also illustrates relatively few differences in political approach and most of the players are the same but in different billets. The evolution of the Combatant Commander (COCOM) Central Command fighting the Ground fight in 91 to the Coalition Forces Land Component Commander (CFLCC) in 2003. However, the center of gravity was the same: Saddam. So for results: the mission of liberating Kuwait in 91: Done of course. For terminating the Regime (Saddam) in 2003; Done of course. For Saddam and in particular the defeat of the Republican Guard in 91: Not done- I've got a theory why but that's a whole course.... And we never left the area: Southern Watch continued until OIF, Desert Fox in 98. For WMD search in 2003: Didn't exist or couldn't find it. Key difference is the concept of, "if you break it, you have to fix it," (Powell as SECSTATE vs. Powell as CJCS ) from OIF and OEF that did not exist in 91 and one of the lessons from Swartzkopf's dilemma: Termination criterea or endstate and what the military can and cannot do towards a political endstate. Military buildup in 80s for cold war (WWII parallels) and expansion in 2000s for Counter insurgency (Vietnam parallels) and needs for the future? General Swarzkopf was a solid mentor and he is missed.
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