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Originally Posted by Detoxing View Post
I think this game is clear evidence as to why the pundits say there is no true elite QB.

Geno is a talented guy with potential, but it's time to take him off the pedestal.

Don't make excuses for him. The man had a bad game. I don't care that it's snowing.

That doesn't mean i think we shouldn't draft him, i think it still needs to play out over the next few months.

But lets call this what it is: A bad game.
So one bad game means he can't/won't be an elite QB in the NFL?

So I guess there are no elite QBs in the NFL then?

And I wouldn't call it a "bad" game, just not a very impressive performance from Geno. But obviously the conditions have played a big factor as well as getting pretty much no help from his teammates (dropped passes, numerous penalties)....

But of course, this one game cancels out his entire career according to alot of complete dumbasses.
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