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I'm going to beat Far Cry 3 pretty soon (I think) and I also just finally ordered Mass Effect 3. I was deep in the throes of SW:TOR when ME3 came out and then never got around to it. ME and ME2 are both in my top 5 single player experiences along with KOTOR, Half-Life and Rome: Total War. Hopefully ME3 lives up to its predecessors. Either way, it's going to be the next game I play.
If you'd played ME3 at release, you might've been disappointed. I wasn't (loved it) but a lot of people were. Playing it now will most likely be fine, with the dlc cleaning most of the questionable stuff up.
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Looks like the Mass Effect trilogy is available for $60. I might go rent the 1st one to see if I like the gameplay before I buy the series.
The gameplay changes pretty radically (in a good way) from ME1 to ME2, but it's worth playing the 1st one because it's the best in the series in a storytelling sense. 2 and 3 feature much more enjoyable gameplay.

Right now I'm still playing SW:TOR, working on my bounty hunter (should be my 6th level 50 in a week or so). I've recently reloaded LOTRO (after watching The Hobbit) but haven't started playing, and don't expect to play much. But I have enough store points accrued to purchase both expansions and have a ton left over, so I figure why not.

Also replaying ME3 right now. Have Arkham City waiting for when I feel like a change of pace.
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