Thread: NFL Draft "Not "Worth" The #1 Pick???
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It's not a bad year for the #1 pick?

That's a pretty dumb thing to say. I doubt there are many teams out there who'd be willing to trade for our #1 pick. It's going to be hard to trade down this season, if that's in their (Chiefs) plans. Personally I think it's going to be a 2009ish type of first round.

Personally I hope Geno tears it up at the combine and ends up being the guy we draft. I didn't like what I saw in today's bowl game. Partially due to the horrible game plan, that coaching staff should all be fired for the way they coached the game. It was bad conditions out but that's not an excuse. It can get really shitty in KC in late November and December. His throws weren't very spot on, and most of them were short throws.

Geno was kicking ass at the beginning of the season...but then kinda tailed off a little at the halfway point. WVU's defense was absolutely terrible this season. So that didn't help him in terms of wins/losses. Either way Geno's better than anything we have now at this point..but is it worth the #1 pick? I guess that depends if we get a good X's and O's coach that can make this offense score some points instead of the stooges we currently have now.
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