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Originally Posted by JohnnyHammersticks View Post
I thought both of the last 2 fights were well worth $55. In totally different ways, but definitely worth the money. MMA ppv dominates boxing ppv, in my opinion.
Yeah I don't know when's the last time anyone gave a shit about boxing?

The one fight that everyone wanted to see never happened...and now probably never will if for anything else it's lost it's hype because of Pacquiao's recent losses. That mystique/invincibility and domination factor is gone now. Now I could give a shit whether or not he ever fights Mayweather. He's lost twice in a row...he's not the champ. There's just no star power or name recognition in the sport anymore. It's a dying sport. I couldn't name 5 current active professional boxers if I had to and in the 90's it was never like that. More and more amateurs are turning to MMA and eventually I see MMA as being an Olympic sport which will absolutely kill the sport of boxing or what's already left of it (btw - I think MMA as an Olympic sport would be ****ing awesome, hopefully Dana White gets it done, I know he's been lobbying for that).

As far as the MMA PPV's being "worth" their money ($55). I dunno. There are only a couple fights I think I've actually paid to see. Sonnen/Silva II which didn't really live up to the hype at all - got screwed there and then UFC100 which did live up to the hype and it was a kickass card.

Now I just watch them on or I go to the bar down the street and watch it for free. Of course I end up spending money anyways because I eat and drink a lot of beer during the 3-4hrs I'm there. Tonight I watched it online, and thought JDS was going to piss pound on Cain again...I dunno what the hell happened w/ JDS but he looked completely out of it after 3min into the first rd. I know he got hit a couple times but he was completely gassed. Then Cain didn't have it in him to finish him off, JDS was just asking to get knocked the **** out because he couldn't even raise his hands to fight/protect himself basically throughout the whole five rounds. The last round both were gassed as hell, JDS could barely stand on both legs and Cain was throwing shots about as fast as my grandfather.

Needless to say, glad I watched it online. Too bad Lesnar wasn't a better fighter and lasted longer in UFC...because no one really gives a shit about the HW division anymore. Hopefully this Daniel Cromier or whatever his name is can bring some life to the division after he puts a clown suit on the UFC's HW division's sacrificial goat Frank Mir.
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