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Possesses a quick delivery, can get the ball downfield or move a team methodically by making quick decisions. Has improved his accuracy greatly during his career, placing the ball very well at every level of the field.-
His delivery is quick most of the time because he is throwing quick outs and he has a quick release. When he has to find plays on his own, he stands in the pocket forever.

Finds second or third options across the field if first read is covered. -
Yeah he has done this. But not very often. He locks on his 1st read ALL THE TIME. Watch the OU game. Perfect proof of that.

He has earned a reputation as a very hard worker and true student of the game who puts in a ton of time in the film room. - Walter Football
He may be a hard worker, but he must not be understanding it, especially yesterday. He studies hard all summer and has played a team twice, but then he still struggles against that same defense? Not buying his football IQ.

Fires throws into tight windows over the middle while also leading receivers open on the sideline and showing touch on fades into the end zone.-
Austin picked up 909 of his 1266 receiving yards after the catch (71.8% of his total receiving yards)

Bailey picked up 553 of his 1501 receiving yards after the catch (36.8% of his total receiving yards)

These two players account for 69.1% of Geno Smith's passing yards.

The senior signal-caller has an excellent skill set. He is showing his intelligence and field vision by working through his progressions and looking off safeties. - Walter Football
Really? Is that why good defenses are getting the best of him? He should have had 4 INT's in the OU game, but the DB dropped easy INT's that hit their hands. Easy INT's in the NFL.

2) Poise: Great quarterbacks are unflappable in moments of stress, and Smith clearly handled himself well. He took a beating at the hands of the Longhorns' defensive line, but his game in the pocket never changed. Smith consistently delivered accurate throws to his intended receivers, despite having rushers in close proximity. He refused to wilt under the pressure of constant harassment, and his courage under fire helped West Virginia make several critical conversions with the game on the line. Smith tossed three lasers to Stedman Bailey on slants for scores, despite having defenders in his face each time he released the ball; on each toss, he stood in and took the shot while making an accurate throw. Most quarterbacks alter their release point or delivery with contact on the horizon, but Smith's ability to fire an accurate strike under duress was a testament to his courage and poise. - Bucky Brooks
Alright, I'll let you have this one. The same Texas defense that Landry Jones owned is the one Geno owned.

Smith has also torched a bunch of really good defenses over his career. He threw for 463 yards and 2 TDs against the nation’s best defense (LSU) in 2011, for 407 yards and 6 TDs against Clemson in the Orange Bowl, and 320 yards and 4 TDs against Oklahoma back in November.
Most of Geno's stats against LSU were in the 2nd half against their prevent defense. OU should have had 4 INT's like I said.

1) Leadership: I have no concerns about Smith's leadership skills after what I saw Saturday. From the time the Mountaineers entered the field for pregame warmups until the conclusion of the game, Smith showed outstanding leadership qualities. He encouraged his teammates at every turn, refusing to hang his head when he turned the ball over on a pair of strip-sacks. Smith was obviously annoyed by the mistakes, but he didn't appear to wallow in self-pity, responding instead with improved play on the subsequent series. - Bucky Brooks
Don't buy his leadership like everyone else. Not saying he's a horrible leader, but I think there are better leaders in this class than Geno.

Oh and Walter and Brooks info? Seriously?

I guess by this logic we shouldn't touch Geno with the number 1 pick because he's the 17th ranked player on Bucky's board as of 2 weeks ago.

Would look pretty stupid if we took the 17th ranked player at #1 overall, wouldn't ya say?
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