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Originally Posted by Prison Bitch View Post
I don't want to vote for people who "compromise" with Obama and his friends. If they do, I'll vote them out next time, and they know it. I don't like Obama or his policies one bit. So why should the people I elect go along with those horrid policies?

To make you happy? To get....things....done? (Whatever "things" even means)
I think you missed my point which is most of these guys (both sides) are a waste of good air and if you think they are on the hill looking out for your average Joe, you're nuts. It would be nice if there was "compromise" on both sides, but I don't ever see that happening at this point, which means we the people are the ones who are going to lose. The hill has regressed into one big dick measuring contest, with no winners.

At what point are these useless ass clowns going to get it? We are 15.8 trillion in the hole (as of July) how high is that number going to go and at what point is it unsustainable? At some point the house of cards is going to come crashing down.
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