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Its pretty much widely known now that our govt and NATO send in Al Qaeda rebels to hijack the governments we don't want to be in power. Then we put our own people in there and we take their natural resources. Its really that simple. That's why we have these military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan that are bigger or as big as Vatican City. Things like that aren't temporary. We're never leaving those long as we're controlling the oil supply and opium plantations over there we're NOT leaving. John McCain's even said that he plans the US to be over there for 100yrs. And if those countries don't like it, then the American propaganda machine (corporate mainstream media CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS) turns on and that machine starts turning to get the American people behind our bought and paid for govt to send our troops over there to force their hand in the name of national security and the war on terrorism. That's also why you've seen in the past 10 years all of the "Support our Troops" and they're "Defending our Freedom" propaganda. Really?!?! Defending our freedom? We're not being attacked. We're not being taken over by some other foreign nation(s). It's such bullshit. The military now is not fighting for this country and I think people are now finally starting to realize that. They're fighting for the corporate interests that have hijacked this govt from within. Meanwhile they've convinced the American sheeple that Al Qaeda or some turban-wearing bearded middle-eastern man is hiding under your bed or in your closet and is going to strike at anytime so that you'll give your rights up. The 4th, 5th, and 10th are pretty much gone, and they're currently trying to take away the first and second amendments with these gun grabbing legislations or "gun buy back programs". Of course there's the Patriot Act...The internet cyber security bills they're trying to pass through congress, the passing of the NDAA, where you can be secretly held and executed without trail or jury as long as they find you to be considered a "threat" to national security. Which by the way was signed on Dec 31st when most people were off doing other things/celebrating the new year etc. You'll hear about the RPG's and the roadside bombs that kill X-number amount of US troops but what you don't hear is the # of innocent men, women, and children we kill almost daily. Our military will bomb public buildings and churches over there and kills large groups of innocent people including women and children just to try and kill 1 person on their hit list. It's very sad. The whole world ****ing hates us and to be honest I don't blame them. We don't need to be the police of the world. We have military bases in over 100 countries when it's really not necessary considering the advancement of our military and transportation we can be anywhere in the world in just a matter of hours. I mean what do you think would be the reaction here in the United States if Russia or China or Iraq decided to have a military base here in the states? Just a bunch of corrupt political bullshit. It's time fore people to wake the **** up. Everything this country was founded upon is going down the drain because of corruptness, greed, and power trips.
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