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Originally Posted by Marty Mac Ver 2.0 View Post
Nothing of substance on Pioli...more of tire kickers and coaching speculation.

For example, Ferentz is not a top tier option. Two big name candidates have already told people that they wont go to KC if Pioli is there.

Clark better realize real quick that good talent wont come here and a segment of fans will walk away if he doesn't make the right decision.
Clark better realize that keeping Fat Scott means the Chiefs won't be able to attract any credible HC candidates, not to mention any credible assistant coaches.

Peter King tweeted earlier today that he doesn't think Josh McDaniels will leave New England:

Peter King‏@SI_PeterKing
I'll be very surprised if Josh McDaniels leaves New England this postseason.

If you cross off Ferentz and McDaniels (both would by shitty options anyway), what other realistic HC candidate would Fat Scott be able to attract to KC? The list would be very small, and full of shitty options.

If Clark doesn't want to consider the fan response to keeping Fat Scott, just look at the reality of trying to hire a HC to replace Romeo if Fat Scott is retained. It would be virtually impossible to hire a decent HC.

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