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Originally Posted by Direckshun View Post
In terms of purely being a prospect, Geno's below all of the players I mentioned in the OP as of now, in my eyes.
You want a discussion - give me a discussion.

None of the players you have mentioned (Kennan Allen? Please.) have put together a season/career that can match Smith's.

Guys like Bjoern Werner, who has been very productive for the Seminoles, but lacks experience and may be a product of a well designed system. (e.g., Tank Carradine was a backup, who, when put in as a starter, amassed double digits sacks.) Werner does have the drive and strength, but not the initial burst to put him as an "elite" prospect and his frame isn't going to carry much more additional muscle weight. (He was heavier in 2011 and carried the weight around his middle. He had to drop weight to be the player he was in 2012.) The bulk of his numbers came in bunches and he was a non-factor in some of the games this season. He's a pure 43 defensive end and not the "prodigy" level prospect for that position that, say, South Carolina's sophomore Jadeveon Clowney is.

Jarvis Jones has put together two very good seasons, but he's probably maxed in his 6'2", 240 lbs frame and is a OLB in a 43. He's thick around the middle versus base and top. He's not overly strong and will have to stay outside in a 43. There is also injury concerns and he doesn't have the same type of first step that a guy like Von Miller has. Very instinctive and incredibly productive. He reminds me of TCU's (and now Indy Colts) Jerry Hughes in body, skill set and college production.

Guys like Demontre Moore of TA&M and Dion Jordan of Oregon are most likely 34 OLB's. Moore has had a terrific season, but not as good as what Justin Houston had in his final year of Georgia. Are you going to take a guy with the first overall pick to be a backup at the OLB for the Chiefs as both Houston and Hali have established themselves as top level guys? Jordan is raw and saw his numbers decline in 2012 as teams looked to shut him down versus the "new" guy in 2011.

I've watched Starlite Lotulelei for his entire career. He's a very, very good player who demands double teams (though he does get frustrated when teams start to focus on him with the double team and can be neutralized by them with good offensive linemen). However, he is not the explosive, upfield defensive tackle type in the mold of a Suh or Ngata. He's more of a gap dominator versus an upfield penetrator type of tackle. Personally, I think he'd be an excellent NT in a one gap 34 type defense and they drafted that guy in Poe last season. (And I squealed about that fact last season that why would you take Poe when Lotulelei and Hankins would be available in 2012.) He and John Hankins of Ohio State are very similar players in both style and build. Neither have the length to be ultimately effective as a 34 DE.

Sheldon Richardson of Missouri looks to be a prototype one gap 34 defensive end and should be very effective as a DT in a 43. However, the Chiefs drafted Glenn Dorsey to be that same guy in Herms 43 and that's also the same position that former top 3 pick Tyson Jackson played in college. If you are thinking of drafting Richardson for either a 34 DE or a 43 DT, you just resign Dorsey because of his experience in the NFL and with his teammates on the Chiefs. Just replacing him with a rookie who didn't have the college production of Dorsey would be, for a lack of a better word, stupid. And I'm not sure that Richardson is any better than Allen Bailey at this point.

And, to tell you the truth, I'm ****ing pretty sick of the Chiefs drafting defensive linemen while passing over QB prospects year after year after year. There is enough young, high round defensive line guys on this team that even considering one is redundant and, frankly, dumb.

I fail to see that when you put everything together for Geno - size, arm strength, delivery, accuracy, touch, pocket awareness, experience and actual on-the-field production, that he's not a top level QB prospect with a high floor and an elite level ceiling.

How's that for discussion?

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