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Originally Posted by gblowfish View Post
Ten Things About The 2012 Season

10. Today was not a dream, but rather, the end of a year-long nightmare. But today's performance was all the adjectives we've used this season rolled into one. Pick your favorite: Abysmal, Embarrassing, Futile, Pathetic, Maddening, Ridiculous, Shameful.
We have completely run out of horrible adjectives to describe this POS team.

9. I know, most of you throw up your hands at this point and say "UNCLE" and certainly and undeniably for good reasons. But I think we need to prepare for the possibility, and it's a very REAL possibility, that CHunt rides it out with Pioli.
How can you retain a guy who makes so many bad decisions, alienates the entire fan base, and pisses off all the long term Chiefs employees? CHUNT is a horrible owner if he keeps Pioli and it leaves a horrible taste in everyone's mouth.

• Save Our Chiefs Movement is born, banners fly, blackout game, massive empty seats for most Nov and Dec home games, Arrowhead mystique is destroyed, maybe forever.
• Many STH swear they will NOT renew their seats if Pioli remains employed into 2013.
This will be the real true test moving forward if Pee-Hole-E is retained.

7. Players such as Pollard, Waters, Williams, McClain, Gonzalez and Carr have been traded, released or allowed to walk as free agents. All have surfaced with other teams and made valuable contributions. Pioli's has been given high draft picks, and has returned selections such as Tyson Jackson, Jon Baldwin and Dontari Poe, none of which have played well enough to warrant their draft position. One would think this series of events and player personnel moves would be enough to tip the balance towards removing Pioli. Or is it?
Just another log on the "fire"

6. KC's 2012 points scored vs. points allowed was one of the worst ratios in NFL history.
The entire offense, EXCEPT Jamaal Charles was horrible this year. Tons of drops, a first round pick JB who is slow as shit, can't run a route to save his life, Peyton "Half a yard" Hillis who somehow makes Thomas Jones look respectable, Ryan "Just Suck-No Up" Succop who now seems to miss every 3rd FG inside the 35 or kicks off OB, and the Cassel/Quinn QB debacle. It adds up to a complete fail and Brian Daboll may be the single worst OC I've ever seen.

5. I get criticized during the course of the year for being so negative.
I thought you weren't negative enough and the fact you were able to pull "Ten Things" from everyone of of our games is a minor miracle.

4. On defense, I give props to Berry for making All-Pro - Flowers had another good season.
I didn't think Berry came close to deserving it and thought Flowers played great. Our pass defense is too small and not physical enough. Every team throws at will on us. Our D is OVERRATED by a long shot. Stupid fat Bill Williamson on ESPN says our D needs no players. He is a MORON. He picked us to win the division.

3. Quarterback is a lost cause on this team. No way this team should return ANYBODY except Alex Tanney. In fact, as of tomorrow Alex Tanney should be the ONLY name on the Chiefs depth chart at QB. Sweet Jesus they can find somebody who won't throw a one yard pass on fourth and two.
Quinn got worse after each game and the fact Stanzi didn't see a single second of playing time for a 2-14 team means he must SUCK BEYOND BELIEF!!! 100% agree with you on this.

2. I hope they give Romeo a lot of money and tell him to go enjoy life. I actually like the guy, he's just in over his head as a head coach.
No doubt, he seems like a real nice guy, actually too nice and he is officially gone now. Will Pioli be next or does P Hole get to pick his THIRD coach in 4 years??? That is an awful track record.

1. Your guess is as good as mine as to what will happen next. My hope is that CHunt clears the decks.
Doesn't seem to be happening and that is truly sad!

Many thanks for all you good CPers for your thoughts and discussion in the "Ten Things" threads this year. It's been a blast writing them, and thanks for discussing my views from the front row. Let's all hope for a happier, healthier, re-building 2013.
Absolutely GB and same to you, Thanks for giving me and all CP'ers something fun and positive to read each week after the horrible play on the field.
Yesterday was a very long day for me. I went to my favorite weekly sports bar to watch us secure the #1 pick and we achieved our goal EASILY. It was funny once again to have 12 or so Denver Broncos fans there cheering with them as they got their goal of #1 seed and we got the #1 pick; a WIN-WIN. I NEVER run into any Chiefs fans, they must be in hiding.

Then after the game ended I met a friend at a different upscale bar to watch his team, the Redskins play the Cowboys with all the rabid Skins fans. I must admit it was really great watching RGIII with all the local fans and the place went berserk when Romo threw that last INT.

If the Chiefs don't make some drastic moves and improve substantially, I can see myself leaving the Chiefs as a fan after 43 years and joining the Redskins as a new fan-that is truly sad but I can't wait another 25 years for a hope and a prayer!

By the time I got home I was spent, drunk, and exhausted. Thank God I am off today......
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