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Originally Posted by Mike in SW-MO View Post
Quinn is another backup QB with a short, gaudy, questionable resume.

My biggest fear is we get another guy we have to commit to get him here, just like we did Cassell.

So what will it take to move him here from Seattle. You say a third. I bet much higher.

Right now we are desperately needing us some offensive play-makers. QB, WR, TE, and maybe even more running backs behind Jamaal.

And whoever we get for QB, let's make sure they know how to throw a damn screen and sell a play-action pass.
Assuming Bowe comes back we have enough playmakers at skilled positions...probably more than most teams. The lack of QB play and horrible coaching has completely handcuffed this offense.

And right now we have ZERO QB' however we can get them in here we do it and we have an all out #1 QB competition.
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