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Originally Posted by JASONSAUTO View Post
Lol DJ has won 2 or 3 games for us?

wow, just wow.
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Yes, ironically enough, he has. He's made plays on defense that have either ended games, given us the chance to win, or nailed the door shut on a turnover to seal the game. You did watch DJ play in 2010 right?

Originally Posted by NJChiefsFan View Post
You don't win a SB without a QB plan an simple. You obviously need other players but you don't ****ing start with them. Every team that has fails. You keep talking about things that are flawed, the entire argument that a player that is clear cut best at his position should be taken over another where its debatable is a complete joke.
I think you mean Plain and simple, as there is no simple plan for winning a Super Bowl when your team has no QB, no depth at CB, and no depth on the offensive line.

I'm not saying we should take Te'o because he's the consensus best, I'm just pointing out that he's above and beyond the best at his position in this draft, and we don't have that same comparison at the QB position, so you can't say there is a guaranteed "lock" there for us, as this is the shittiest QB draft in a decade, yet the defensive side of the draft is STACKED to the brim.

I'm still 100% behind drafting a QB if there is one that is good enough for us that fits our system.
Originally Posted by jd1020 View Post
Not really...

You're trying to say that we should draft a ****ing ILB #1 because he's the "consensus" best ILB when there isn't a "consensus" best QB.

I haven't looked but I bet there are some other far less important positions with a consensus best player... We should draft them #1 overall.
I'm not "trying" to say anything here. I've said it. There is no consensus best QB, but there is a consensus best ILB, and if no QB manages to separate himself from the pack, or improve his actual "prominence" as analysts see it, I'm not OPPOSED to drafting a guy like Te'o, and then going and getting Wilson or Bray in the 2nd round. No mistake about it, in the first 40 selections of this draft (adjusting for a possible trade here), we will have a QB there is no doubt about it. It is more about who and when we draft them.

Originally Posted by dtchiefs4life View Post
We have to take a QB no 1. Whoever is the best prospect at QB take him. But it doesnt matter unless Pioli is gone
Even if they all project to be 2-3rd round talents after the combine and some big name guy gets let go like Romo? I'm not for a Retread, but lets hypothesize for a bit. Say Geno slips to the second round but has the best overall mechanics, just needs a little time to get up to speed. Are you opposed to signing Romo, drafting Geno in the 2nd, and picking up Te'O or an LT with our first pick of the draft depending on what happens with Albert?
Originally Posted by Molitoth View Post
Yeah we agree here. After qb, we need a cb and safety if bowe and Albert stay.
What is getting lost here is the importance of what we do with some of our players in the off season. As it stands right now, we don't draft a QB with our first pick if Albert is let go. That much is guaranteed.

We go LT with our first pick, and QB with our 2nd and I'll bet the world on that one.
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