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We don't have a corner aside from Flowers either....... that was honestly one of the biggest setbacks this year, aside from standard Cassel play.

I do watch the NFL, I was all for going after Peyton Manning and drafting a project QB last year, was all for Drafting Mallet the year before, and we didn't, was happy to draft Stanzi in the fifth, and this brings me to another point that is extremely important here.

You want me to believe that we should draft a QB with the #1 pick in the draft, when we didn't even give our #3 QB an active roster spot in the last game of the year against a team we knew we'd get tossed around by, in the chance that we'd be down by 14-21 points and give him a drive to see if he can actually play in a live game and apparently reverse the "picture" we have of him currently?

You expect me to buy into the draft a QB with the #1 pick mantra, when the history of this team, this fandom, is afraid of QB's and the "curse"?

Do you really blame me? I'm not afraid of taking a chance on a lock like Luck, but there is no lock in this draft as of this very moment.

That being said, I am STILL all for getting a QB in the draft, and especially if Geno/Wilson/Bray end up posting good Combines and Pro Days.

I'm just not going to blatantly ignore the fact that we have two very big glaring holes on the defensive side of our game either.
How often do "locks like Luck" come around? Once every decade or so. Your and idiot.

Let me break this down for you:
2012 Superbowl:
NE - QB - Tom Brady; ILB - Brandon Spikes/Jerod Mayo
NYG - QB - Eli Manning; ILB - Chase Blackburn

2011 Superbowl
PIT - QB - Ben Roethlisberger; ILB - James Farrior/Lawrence Timmons
GB - QB - Aaron Rodgers; ILB - Desmond Bishop/AJ Hawk

2010 Superbowl
NO - QB - Drew Brees; ILB - Jonathan Vilma
IND - QB - Peyton Manning; ILB - Gary Brackett

2009 Superbowl
PIT - QB - Ben Roethlisberger; ILB - Larry Foote, James Farrior
ARI - QB - Kurt Warner; ILB - Gerald Hayes

NE - QB - Tom Brady; ILB - Tedy Bruschi/Junior Seau
NYG - QB - Eli Manning; ILB - Antonio Pierce

I wonder which correlates more to success?
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