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Originally Posted by NJChiefsFan View Post
Wow. Just wow dude. Again I ask if you watch the NFL. The NFL is not the same now that it was in 2002. There is a reason the Dilfer's and Johnson's of the world don't win the SB anymore. The only non-elite QB that has even BEEN in the SB the past 8 plus years if Grossman.

Learn CP lexicon you dumbass. "Your and Idiot" is a ****ing joke.
I know what the joke is/was, I honest to god didn't take it the same. As for the Dilfers of the world, yes the NFL has changed, but not nearly that much. There's a reason that guys like Dilfer and Johnson got super bowl rings, and it certainly wasn't their consistency at the QB position. They were nothing but game managers on a team running on all cylinders. You can make the case that throughout the history of the NFL, there's never really been a team that "dominated" and won championships that didn't have an above average QB at the helm. Every once in a while you'll get a guy to the big show and maybe even play the best game of his life and win won, but you don't get to be a perennial playoff team without a top 10 QB, it just doesn't happen.

These are not facts that I've ignored, and you'd be an ignorant tool to even remotely think that is why I am implying here. I'm simply stating that there isn't a good enough QB in this upcoming draft, pre-combine, pre-pro day to justify the #1 pick in the draft. Not that I've seen at least. And on top of that, there is so much "servicable starter" talent in this group of QB's, that we'll have ZERO issues picking a guy up in the 2nd round if that is our path, should we take it.

So then the question becomes, How much better is Geno Smith than Wilson or Bray at the NFL level? Because if we're talking marginal difference, why the **** would you waste the #1 pick in the draft on a talent you CAN AND WILL GET in the second round? I'd rather "waste" that #1 pick on a surefire starter at whatever position I need the most, versus the value I'll get in the 2nd for QB. Allllllllllll ****ing day.

Originally Posted by NJChiefsFan View Post
You get the inside joke yet make a comment about how its you're, not your? Makes sense.
As stated above, honest to god didn't take it as a joke lol

Originally Posted by View Post
Are you ****ing kidding me?

No HOF QB prospect so don't draft a QB? This is maddening.
Are you kidding me? Can you read? It doesn't say don't take a QB, it just says I'm not opposed to taking a guy like Te'o in the first and getting a QB in the 2nd. SHOCK, I still take a QB.

Originally Posted by notorious View Post
Everyone needs to chill. The combine is going to shake things up big-time.
EXACTLY what I'm getting at here.

Originally Posted by JASONSAUTO View Post
All your other posts are too ****ing long to quote from my phone so this isn't about this post.

I know DJ has won a couple games for us. I actually agree

BUT a couple games in over five years is ****ING NOTHING. NOTHING.

Teo would probably win a couple in his career too.

any qb will do that in a year. Cassel did.

**** a ilb at one
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Funny thing is, I wasn't arguing that ILB's could win games, someone was just dumb enough to say they haven't, and I argued against that. I'm not making an argument that says ILB wins games anything comparable to a QB, simply pointing out that DJ has won quite a few games for us over the years.

Take nothing more from it than that. Read less into what I write, and take what I write as a literal sense, I'm not concealing motives or hiding an inner purpose. All I'm saying here is that if there isn't a clear cut talent for that #1 pick, we draft whoever is the star of the show at a position we need IF AND ONLY IF THEY BLOW IT AWAY in scouting, and then go get a guy in the 2nd where we'll have 5-6 options at serviceable starters in this draft.

Originally Posted by KC kid View Post
I think that when the scouts get a hol of Manti Teos tape and combine numbers, he will fall down the charts. He just does not look like a great athlete to me
That's possible, from what I've watched, he's a pretty damned good tackler and damned near top of the crop in pass defense. He seems like he'd be absolutely solid in our 3-4 and could play from a number of different packages. Of course, all of that depends on what our new coach brings in and what he decides we will run. We have the personnel for the 3-4 all day long, but if for some reason we bring in a guy who wants to run the 4-3, drafting Te'O is a complete waste for us. Feel free to quote that and use it against me later.

Originally Posted by View Post
DJ won a couple games for us, yes. An ILB can win a game per year on his own. A franchise QB can win 6 or 7 per year on his own.

But I know I'm way off here.
See the previous comment about this, I didn't bring that point up, just argued it so the person who brought it up, realized they were wrong.

Originally Posted by View Post
We've drafted dlineman over and over and they've mostly, flopped.

Yet a mocker says Star to the Chiefs, and people lop that shit up.
**** this all over the place, we do not need to draft anymore god damned linemen, especially if they end up being SEC linemen. You'd think we'd have learned our lesson by now.

Originally Posted by eclipse31satx View Post
I have no problems with this. i dont think any of the QBs in this years draft is worthy of the #1 pick no matter how badly we need one. most if not all of the top QBs this year will be available in the second round. i say use the #1 pick to draft a non QB bad ass and get a QB in the later rounds. they will still be there...guaranteed.

Originally Posted by Saccopoo View Post
Mike Maluga, Vernon Gholston, Jon Baldwin and Dontari Poe love you and your thought process.
Not even remotely, clearly you're having issues figuring that thought process out lol.

Originally Posted by View Post
I'm not really sure why we are even debating this.

With new GM's and HC's come new QB's. Add in the first overall pick and it's pretty much a no brainer at this point.
If it were a no brainer at this point, why is it that half the mocks out there don't have us taking a QB? It also isn't always the case that you get a new QB, it just happens to be heavily prominent in the rebuilding process when you pickup a team in the dumps. I will never argue against the fact that we need a QB here in KC, I just don't think we have to look at this as #1 pick or bust. We can just as easily get a starter in the 2nd round. This isn't nearly as pressure filled and stressful as you guys want to make it out to be. We've got such a GREAT position in this draft to add so much talent to this team in positions we are lacking, we just need to be smart with how we draft that talent. As of right now, taking a QB first, might not be the right way to go, but we will get a QB regardless.

Originally Posted by Saccopoo View Post
And now you are supporting the "QB or bust" crowd. If Albert leaves "it's going to be a LT?" Why? Because we don't have one?

Gee, that sounds a lot like the QB situation...and yet, you are criticizing people who want a QB because they feel that neither Quinn nor Cassel nor Stanzi is capable of playing it at an acceptable NFL level.

Why would it be a LT when there are totally solid LT's to be found in this draft in the second round?

See how it works?

Don't be a disengenuos hypocrite.
I NEVER said we shouldn't get a QB dude, not ****ing once, and never did I say our QB situation was good or that we didn't need to pickup a QB. All I'm saying is we don't necessarily have to spend our first pick on a QB since there is no clear cut "guy" in the QB prospects, and as it sits right now, we can just about get the same talent from a QB in the second round, as we 'd get in the first. You need an exercise in comprehension because you are failing dangerously at this one. Also, we have no clue how Stanzi will play at the NFL level, our brain trust has decided we shouldn't evaluate him in an NFL game because we know better. If you are taken in the 5th round or later, you can't be a good QB, right? lols

As for the LT, if there is a clear cut LT that separates himself from the rest, **** yeah you draft that guy, especially with the #1 pick. More important than a good QB, is his Left Tackle, do you want to waste the investment of your #1 QB without a tackle to protect him? Its all about the available talent. CAN you get a comparable talent in the 2nd round with an LT as the first round? As of right now, **** no, not even CLOSE. QB? Yes.

I'm going to guess that the Disingenuous Hypocrite typo was a joke in the lexicon too? Haven't been through it to figure that out.

Originally Posted by SNR View Post
Neither are we, ****stick. When did we say, "I hope we don't draft a defensive player at all this year"?

We can get those guys in Rounds 2-7. There are TONS of good ILBs, CBs, and safeties throughout. Lots of guys who could start for us.

The problem is it's so goddamn rare to find QBs from those rounds who can not only start but be elite players. So that's why we should take the best one in the 1st round.

Shane Skov just raped my Wisconsin Badgers. He's a guy who will probably be available to us with our top pick in the 3rd round. HOLY SHIT WE JUST FIXED OUR ILB AND IT DIDN'T COST US THE #1 OVERALL PICK

Isn't the NFL draft wonderful? You can like... draft MORE THAN ONE PLAYER. *gasp* How incredible!

Whoa bitch, don't get mad. The fatal flaw in your gameplan there, you know, with drafting players and stuff, is the fact that there isn't a certified Elite QB in this draft. So under the same mindset, you can get that same play from rounds 2 and 3, and not have to waste a first round pick on 2nd round talent.

Are we that desperate? I mean, I know we have Cassel and Quinn on the roster for now, but do we really have to waste a #1 pick on a QB if the talent is equal to that of a guy we can get in the 2nd round?

Justify that to me and I'll jump on the Geno or bust bandwagon, as of right now I see no justification, at least not until after the combine. If someone blows me out of the water, **** yeah I'm all over spending that #1 pick on them.
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