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Originally Posted by Saccopoo View Post
And you can say the exact same thing for every other position on the football field in this draft.

e.g., Luke Joeckel is currently rated the #1 OT, but Barrett Jones, the 2011Outland Trophy winner at LT, could be had at the top of the second.

Dee Milliner is not markedly better than David Amerson.

Manti Te'o is not markedly better than Kevin Minter.

And we can do this all day long.

As you say, we can get similar talent in the second as we can in the first with just about every single position.

You still aren't getting the point I'm making, if all things are equal at the QB pool this year, you'd still have us pick a QB #1 overall knowing we could get that exact same QB in the second round and use the #1 pick on a player with more talent at a different position?

You should take your own words to heart. There is a reason that 137 other posters have been beating their respective heads against a wall in replying to you over and over and over. You really aren't as smart as you think you are.

You're right, I'm probably smarter than I give myself credit for.

So, your secondary reason for not taking a QB with the first pick is that we have Ricky Stanzi on the roster? A guy who obviously couldn't beat out Cassel or Quinn? Stunning argument.

No, that statement has nothing to do with me drafting or not drafting a QB with the #1 pick, it has everything to do with me pointing out that we have a QB we drafted on this team that we haven't tried out, and therefore cannot say for certain that we don't have an NFL caliber QB on this roster. Good job with the lack of reading comprehension there, one argumentative point after you just accosted me for it. High five buddy!

Really? Who's the QB that will be available in the second round that's better, that has more upside, that has a higher floor than Geno Smith?

And then, who's the OT who is so much better than everyone else in this draft that you couldn't find comparable talent at the top of the second round?

I'm sorry, are you an NFL scout? Have you seen film I have not? Have you done research I haven't? Because you appear to be Signed, Sealed, Delivered on Geno, and I am not. I'm not sold on any QB at this point, and apparently neither are the EXPERTS, of which you are not. Sorry for being on their side of the fence and not having nearly the closed mind that you have. I'd be willing to bet that Bray and Wilson's stock improves after their combines and pro days and challenge Geno for top pick, or at least one of them will. Bray might just have an impressive combine but still hang back a bit due to certain question marks. Either way the point is that you can't seem to grasp the concept I'm putting out there, no matter how many times I try to dumb it down and explain it to you. Do I need to draw a picture and upload it?

See, the thing is that the vast majority of quality posters here feel that Geno Smith is the talent in this draft. On the other hand, the guys who are supporting the "let's draft a LT, or a MLB, or yet another DT" are, for the majority, the true idiots around here that have proven themselves idiots over months and years of ignorant and inane postings.

I'm curious, how do they prove themselves idiots? How is it that every year when it comes to the draft in KC when we don't have a QB, that the "idiots" before the draft are the guys who say don't draft a QB because we are desperate, and then the guys who are the Smarty McSmartypants happen to be the guys who are like "GO GET YOU SOME OF THAT JAMARCUS RUSSEL BABY".

And that's the thing. After Geno just put in three years of starting at the QB position that equalled/surpassed Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin statistically, and that he's shown game in and game out that he's got the necessary tools to be an elite level prospect at the QB position.

So you're banking on statistics? Gotcha. Clearly College Stats make or break a QB at the NFL level. Tell me again, why is Ricky Stanzi not our starting QB then? He's the best QB on our roster according to College Statistics.

I decided to do something I dislike, and bold my responses inside the quote, because you made so many retorts.
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