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Originally Posted by Molitoth View Post
Jesus Christ people. I think Alex Smith is Matt Cassel.

I'm reading morons all over facebook and twitter that we should bring him in and I think it is an incredibly stupid idea.

I wanted someone with this mindset to try and write out a justifiable reason for even thinking this way.... CoMo, etc?

Don't neg rep me for it. I AM ANTI ALEX SMITH, but I'm curious why the tards think we need to bring him in, because I admit I don't know much about the guy except for what I've seen in the media.
Alex is at Number Seven in the final 2012 QBR between RGIII and R. Wilson. He had a very good 2011. He can make most if not all the throws. (Why do you think he was a top draft pick?). Smart. Good teammate. Coachable---at least by a good coach like Harbough. Looking to leave SF and would like an opportunity to start. That is what he'd get in KC so long as Pioli has nothing to do with the situation. Having said all of that, I would also like us to take a QB in the first round (after trading down a bit) or with the first selection in Round Two.
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