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The cut a little out of every song, I think. In some cases (Little People, Dog Eat Dog are two that come to mind). And the two songs they added were terrible. Not sure if the original composers/lyricists wrote them, but they don't fit musically with the rest of the show.

They also rearranged several things, which in most cases I didn't mind. In the case of I Dreamed a Dream, I think where they moved it to was particularly effective.

Eddie Redmayne ****ing nailed Empty Chairs, and that was one of two songs (the other being I Dreamed a Dream) that I thought the minimalist staging required because of the live recording really worked in its favor. I've always liked Empty Chairs, but it was never one of the songs that really touched me. Redmayne's version really got my allergies acting up.

And Crowe's voice was brutal... I guess by the time Stars came around my expectations had been sufficiently lowered that I wasn't terribly let down. But damn... my favorite character and favorite song and he just destroyed both.

Almost as big a sin as Crowe's Javert was how they wasted Colm Wilkinson as the priest.
Yeah, there were a lot of little alterations, many of which were completely unneccessary, but most of the changes I was okay with. I've never read the book, but I discussed it with somebody who had this morning, and they added a few things from the book that were never touched on in the stage play, which I thought was a nice touch (and also helped explain some things).

I can see Colm Wilkinson sitting in his dressing room having an Alexander Dane/Galaxy Quest meltdown over having to work with a ****ing amateurs. I assume they basically did this to throw him a bone. At least he didn't have to actually perform with Crowe.

I have to go see it again this weekend (I promised my Goddaughter I'd take her). I've already told her that Crowe solos will make excellent bathroom breaks. I may even bring my headphones and listen to Quast version of Stars that I have on my iPhone instead of him.
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