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Originally Posted by Capt Tasty Cheeks View Post
How so?

Brett Favre had the best year of his career when he was 42 and he is NOWHERE NEAR the QB Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are...

He also took hit after hit after hit after hit. Tom Brady takes hits as well.

Peyton Manning DOES NOT.

Why do we assume age will catch up to these guys with these rules in today's NFL? It doesn't matter if they lose long as they can still win it and still THINK, that's all they need. Peyton already lost a little off his fastball and it doesn't even matter. For all we know, his neck may still be getting stronger and his arm strength may even come back all the way in time.

I truly believe Manning and Brady can play at an elite level into their 40s.

Sucks for us. I think it's blind homerism for anyone to expect us to have any sort of a shot at this division in the next 3 years. Same goes with Oakland and San Diego.

This division is on lockdown. Denver will win at least 36 games over the next 3 years. This isn't even a question.
And then he fell off a cliff the following season. Age will catch up.
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