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Originally Posted by Capt Tasty Cheeks View Post
I still say we draft a punter #1 overall Exoter. We saw how valuable Colquitt was this year so I think we should let him walk and take the best punter on the board #1 overall. Agree?
If we could draft 22 Colquitts, I'd be in heaven.
Originally Posted by CoMoChief View Post
You never take a safety at #5 overall!!!!!!!!! NEVAR!!!!!
I Mean who does that?
Originally Posted by Thig Lyfe View Post
You're literally the only person in the world using this logic. Drafting a QB #1 is never "wasting a draft pick" even if the QB doesn't pan out; it's how 31 other goddamn teams in this league do business. It's how any legitimate team starts the rebuilding process. And the CBA means that you can draft a QB without the attendant risk of a bazillion dollar contract. There's literally no good reason to not draft a QB at #1 now, even if Luck and RGIII aren't available. YOU'RE GETTING THE MOST VALUABLE POSITION IN FOOTBALL AT A SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER PRICE. Using the #1 pick on a position that is 100x less valuable, like say ILB, makes no ****ing sense.

Of course, this will all be moot when Geno tears up the combine and all the so-called experts decide he's truly deserving of the top pick after all.
Funny how you're talking about value at that #1 pick now, see? I'm contagious! And yeah, I'm fully expecting Geno to go beastmode at the combine.

Originally Posted by duncan_idaho View Post
Background: I have never been a QB or bust guy with the Chiefs first-round pick. I have debated quite intensely at times on this board about the guys available to the Chiefs at No. 1 (speaking out markedly against Sanchez and also Matthew "Front Mullet/China Doll/One above-average season" Stafford).

But this year? In this draft that doesn't offer any other true impact options at the Chiefs pick? I'm a "draft-a-QB" guy.

I think expecting a QB of high value to fall to No. 33 might be a bit optimistic.

The Jaguars are likely bringing in Tebow, but it wouldn't surprise to see them take a REAL QB at No. 2.

The Raiders need a QB, unless they're pinning their hopes on one game of Terrelle Pryor (in which he posted a 70.1 QB rating - as a Chiefs fan, you hope for this, right?)

The Browns took Brandon Weeden a year ago, but he stinks ( and was a later 1st round pick).

The Cardinals need a QB more than any team not called the Chiefs.

The Bills could draft a QB. Ryan Fitzpatrick is just OK, and he's not a spring chicken (He's 30).

The Jets need a QB, as Sanchez is terrible and Tebow is likely gone.

The Chargers have an old and declining Philip Rivers (31) and might be looking to backfill.

That's seven other teams that could logically draft a QB based on need/opportunity. It doesn't account for smart teams (like the Patriots) that would draft a QB if they feel it's the best talent there.

I don't think there are THAT many QBs of equal talent level that you can EXPECT one to fall to No. 33. Especially THE guy. Best thing for the Chiefs would be someone like Jarvis Jones just completely blowing up at the combine, enough to separate himself as the clear No. 1 pick (Joekel works here, too). That would make it a little easier to trade down and get the QB they want, and maybe nab a few extra picks.

But if trading down doesn't work, overdrafting a QB in this draft is just fine, IMO. The only way KC can really mess this up, IMO, is drafting Manti Te'o at No. 1. Talk about overdrafting... nothing screams "BUST" as a No. 1 pick like a guy who lacks positional value, isn't an impact player at that position, and is an average CFB athlete at his position.

If you're going to overdraft a player, overdraft an impact position player (QB, pass rusher, cornerback - though there are none that fit the bill this year). Don't overdraft a position of limited impact that can be easily filled in later rounds.

We'll see how Joekel grades out as draft day nears. He's a truly elite pass blocker, but his lack of ability in run blocking (where he is just OK, not great) separates him, IMO, from guys like Joe Thomas, Jonathan Ogden, Orlando Pace, etc.
I think the Raiders will forgo QB, the Jaguars will do the same, no doubt about it. Bills will likely wait a few rounds to get a project QB to stick behind Fitz, Cleveland won't turn this fast on Weeden, and on and on.

This happens every year, people say X team and Y team need QB's, they're going to take one. Then 4 of those XYZ teams actually take a QB in the first two rounds. Why? Because it doesn't matter if the QB position is the most valuable and on paper you are getting the most valuable pick for the money, you still have to like the guy and think he fits your team, before you even take the next step. 3 QB's at max will be taken in the first round, likely 2 will go to teams in need of a QB, and the 3rd being taken by a team in need of a mechanically sound young gun to sit behind an aging vet. The saints are a GREAT example of a team who might actually take a QB in the first round or second round. You won't hurt Brees' pride, everyone in Louisiana knows that the Saints go nowhere without a QB and he's one of the best to ever play the position. Why not get your next guy in line behind one of the best? That's what the Patriots did when they snagged Mallet, arguably one of the best selections of that draft for them.

QB Talent will remain high going into the 2nd round, of that I have no doubt. Then again, I also doubt that we make it to the 2nd without already drafting a QB now that Reid is all but signed.

Originally Posted by Narrow Head View Post
no Geno in the first round. Not very realistic AT ALL, but....if you could get Geno in the second round--and it was guarenteed--who would you pick #1?

I'd like Geno a lot more at the top of round 2. There is some fantastic top end defensive talent. The Raiders are going to get Jarvis Jones I'm afraid. The Raiders and Jags should make out very well with the #2 and #3.

That 1st pick in round 2 is a 1st rounder value IMO...especially in what should be a pretty deep defensive draft. I also like some of the WR with late 1st round grades. We need talent at WR and 5th rounders is not the way to do that.[/QUOTE]

No linemen please, but we could use a fast route runner with decent size at the WR position.

Originally Posted by Dave Lane View Post
Yep bad year to have to pick at number 1.
Its never a bad year to have the #1 pick, it just isn't the best year to have it, 1 year late for us.

Originally Posted by Cassel>Manning View Post
This one would be interesting

The Chiefs pass on Geno, only to see Oakland take him two spots later.

DISCLAIMER for SNR: * I have never seen a mock from Optimum Scouting before, Matt Williamson recommended them on twitter, and after checking around they do scout for agents and "professional teams" but that could also mean the arena league. *
**** NO

Originally Posted by eclipse31satx View Post
as stated in a post i made earlier i dont think we should use the #1 for a QB but if we do i definitely dont want Barkley and i am iffy on G Smith. Personally i like Bray. 6' 6" 215 with a rocket for an arm. needs a little work but i think he has a ton of upside.
I'm on Bray's nuts right now, I like his upside quite a bit, but I haven't seen enough game film to be sold on the floor of his downside in terms of decision making as it transitions to the NFL level.
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