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For me, yes. This franchise turned into a dumpster fire in 4 short years under Scott Pioli. The NFL is going to have to make GM training videos showing how NOT to run a franchise. Worst year of my sports fan life is over and the brightest horizon I could have hoped for is in sight. I never thought about Reid because I didn't think we had a chance. Yes. This is the best day in franchise history that I have been a part of. I wasn't alive when Super Bowl IV happened.
Spot on as usual Flopnuts.

I live in PA and it has sucked being a Chiefs fan, being surrounded by perennial contenders and being ripped by my friends for being a Chiefs fan.

I was 11 when the won the last playoff game. This is the first time in a long time I have had hope and pride. Props to Clark Hunt for taking the trash out.

Just want to enjoy this for a while. It's a good day to be a Chiefs fan.
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