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Yeah, I'm curious about this... shoot us some of your favorite recipes?
Well here are the basics.

Pretty much every type of meat is ok...unless it's been soaking in some kind of sugary marinade or it has been breaded. Most cheeses are fine, as are most green veggies. Also some nuts/seeds like almonds, pumpkin seeds/pepitas are ok.

Most of my meals are a mix of some kind of meat w/ some kind of green, and sometimes cheese is involved. That sounds really basic, but there is so much you can do with that.

Ground beef, for instance, has many things you can do with it. My favorite is to brown and add just a small amount of tomato, some jalapeno, and then some cheese on top w/ pepperoni and pretend I'm eating a pizza.

Another ground beef thing I do is ground beef w/ egg and bacon + hot sauce. To be honest, I sorta just open my fridge and grab what sounds good at the moment and toss it in a pan.

But for the last 53 weeks I've basically been eating pork chops about once a week, steak once a week, chicken twice or three times a week, tritip every couple weeks...and usually with Asparagus. I would say I ate Asparagus 150+ days last year. I just love it, it's my favorite veggie by far, and I love it just as much as I love my favorite meat (bacon).

Of course, eating this way is super cheap, I don't drop $10 at a drive thru for food, ever...and I always have leftovers and I don't have to buy lunch at work.
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